Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Flirting in Italian

Violet's always looked different than her parents, but it isn't until she's at a museum that she finds someone who looks exactly like herself. As she uncovers information about the painting, she wonders if she could be related to the family from the Castello di Vesperi. Violet researches to discover that the castle is closed to the public, but there's a course that would be perfect for her education development that also grants access to the castle. She convinces her mother to let her go. The course has three other girls - two American and another British girl. They're to learn about the Italian culture plus a mix of polishing courses. Violet finally achieves her goal at viewing the castle, where the family's startled at her resemblance. It doesn't help that the boy she meets and is crushing over is related to this family. Will Violet uncover the truth about her past?

My Thoughts:
I loved the descriptions of this book - it made Tuscany come alive and it made me long to go back to Italy.
I liked the idea of Violet discovering her family roots in Italy.
I liked the idea of the classes, I wish we saw more of those.
I liked the interaction with the four girls and the snarky girl
I liked the party scenes where the boys overwhelmed the girls.

I felt liked the book just ended without resolving anything and creating more questions. I realize there's another book coming, but I wish something had been resolved.

Flirting in Italian was a great read with romance, friendship, and Violet trying to stay true to herself. It's a great book about freedom and traveling one summer, which will change Violet's life forever.

I didn't want to the book to end and yet...there were times when I didn't like Violet. I must find out what happens in Following in Love, in Italian.

Cover Thought: Cute but doesn't exactly go with the book

Source: netgalley/my library

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Bellas Shelf said...

This is a book I have been really interested in. It looks like an awesome book for the Summer.
I used to live in Norwich & New London & East Lyme.
Small world huh? I miss that area. It was so pretty. I am all the way down in Bridgeport now :p
Have a wonderful 4th :D