Thursday, July 5, 2012

Teen Review Thursday: The Clan of the Cave Bear

In this extraordinary journey of a book we are taken back in time to the beginning of modern humans and into a vast Ice Age world where a massive earthquake has left a young girl named Ayla wandering alone in the dangerous and strange land.  She is found by a woman who belongs to a very different people, they call themselves the Clan of the Cave Bear and to them Ayla looks peculiar and even ugly, she is one of the others. But Iza, a healer cannot leave this girl to die and takes her into the clan where she will do all she can to teach this strange girl the ways of her people.  Despite the challenges Ayla strives to learn and be accepted into this new home.  But, even in her progress she must face the hardships thrown at her by a cruel and brutal youth destined to be the next leader and prove that she is truly part of the clan. 
                Jean M. Auel has created a timeless masterpiece rich with knowledge, creativity, and a storyline that is exciting, gripping, and at times heart wrenching.  Each paragraph, sentence, and word will leave you with new and intriguing questions not only about the story and characters, but about life itself.  One of the best aspects about this book is how beautifully it is written.  Auel uses an elegant display of language that paints a vivid and realistic image in your mind.  The more you dive deeper into the book the greater sense of realism you perceive in each and every character.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of this book and fell in love with the incredibly empowering story of Ayla.  It definitely gives you a different view on life and human behavior and is one of my favorites.      
Age: 16
Rating: 9

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