Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tween Tuesday Review: Infinity Ring

 * comes out August 28th *

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Dak and Sara are best friends. Dak's a history geek and Sara loves anything science related. When they get the chance to break into Dak's parent's lab, they find a ring. The ring allows people to travel through time.

Sara realizes that the ring is broken. It takes her all day to fix the ring. When Dak's parents return, they're dumbfounded to learn the ring now works. After a quick test of the ring, they can't wait to use it to start fixing the breaks in history, the moments gone wrong that have changed the world.

Unfortunately, they are not the only ones with knowledge of the ring and SQ (the reason behind all the breaks in history) also desires the ring. Just as people are training Sara and Dak how to use the ring and fix the breaks, the SQ infiltrate the building. Sara and Dak have no choice but to use the ring, along with a language specialist. They end up in 1492, where a mutiny is about to take place aboard Columbus's ship. Can they fix the break? 

 My Thoughts: If you like the 39 Clues series - don't miss this book! It's got lots of action and danger! I like the nerdiness of both Dak and Sara. I'm loving how more and more books have smart characters who are proud of their brains. I like the dynamic between Dak and the language expert -they act like brothers and are quite amusing with their banter.

As a history buff, I love reading about histories and alternative histories. I find it fascinating to read how the course of history might have changed due to a mutiny abroad Columbus's ships. The perfect blend of danger, humor, history, nerdiness, and action made me devour this book. I know the tweens in my library will devour this book just as quickly as I did and will also be asking for more.

Cover Thoughts: Cool
Source: ARC from BEA
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