Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tween Tuesday Review: Madhattan Mystery

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Lexi and her brother Kevin are spending time in Manhattan while their father and his new wife enjoy a honeymoon. Lexi's not happy about her new family life and she's not thrilled to be in New York City.

On the first night there, Lexi eavesdrops in the Whispering Gallery. She hears two men talking an abandoned train station, jewels, and a buried body. At first, she thinks little of it. Then she reads the morning's headline: CLEOPATRA'S JEWELS VANISH.

Lexi and Kevin meet Kim - who lives in her aunt's building. Together the three of them start talking about the jewels. Kim convinces Lexi to call the police with her information. After the police scoff at them, they decide to look for the jewels themselves following the clues that Lexi overheard.

My Thoughts: I really liked this one! I loved how Bonk wove unique parts of the city with tourist attractions. I liked reading about Central Park, the MET, and Grand Central Station. The underground abandoned tunnels were fascinating. 

I liked how homelessness was woven into the story and the moments between Lexi and Melrose. I really liked Kim - she was smart and snarky. I liked how they all came together to figure out what really happened to the jewels.

Cover Thoughts: Awesome!
Source: Inter-library Loan (although an email from the author tipped me off to it). And it's one I'm going to get for our collection.

Fun Fact: Lexi and Kevin are from Cold Spring, NY - which is the town my father grew up in! Pretty cool to see that in a book. It definitely made me smile.

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