Thursday, July 26, 2012

Teen Review Thursdays

Here's what some of the teens at the Otis Library have been reading this summer:

Angel Burn
Reviewed by Cheyenne
Angel Burn is definitely a different book than I've ever read, I loved it so much. The image of Angels not being these perfect, serene, happy and non-violent creatures is shattered in the story the author weaves, with a love story on the side to make it all the more interesting. I don't normally read nearly 500-page books in one day, but this book is definitely an exception. Read it if you ever get the chance! You will not be disappointed.

My Life in Pink and Green
Reviewed by Ashley
Lucy Desberg would qualify in the category of an average 12-year-old, that is, until the fate of her family's pharmacy lies (mostly) in her hands (literally). Lucy has to learn to mature faster than most kids her age, which makes the story interesting to readers. However, Lucy also faces the problems of any seventh grader, which leave readers curious about how she will deal with those obstacles. My Life in Pink & Green is the perfect book for anyone struggling with school and home life! 

The Glass Castle
Reviewed by Tasbiha
The glass castle is a very interesting book. It is a non fiction book. It's story was very touching. It showed me how horrific life can a person have. It showed the real image of life to me. It was a very sad book. It examined the real image of life. It showed life can be very hard but you have to be brave enough to face it. The book was great. Jeanette walls can be a rule model of every girl. I highly recommend this book to every teenager. 

Reviewed by Evan
It was a great read but very depressing. I would recommend this book to others because it was a great read and I very much enjoyed it 

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