Sunday, July 8, 2012

Movie Matinee: Brave

I love Disney and Pixar movies -and I was SO happy to see this one. 

It wasn't exactly what I expected. I thought that Merida would go off on a quest when instead she visits a witch to change her fate. The witch helps her - but not in the way Merida expected. 

I Loved this movie:

I loved the accents
I loved the brothers - they were so funny and mischievous
I loved Merida and how she wasn't interested in proper behavior. She wanted to be free, to follow her heart, and to life her life on her terms. She was funny, smart, determined, stubborn, and curious. 
I loved the gathering/hunting scene - I cried until I laughed. 
Merida's hair was amazing.
I loved the scenery
I thought the clansmen were funny
I really enjoyed the animated short movie that came prior to Brave - “La Luna” 

Bottom Line: Watch this movie

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