Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: The Dive Digs Up Dirt

 * The 6th book in the charming Diva series *

Sophie can't wait for a vacation, she's been working too hard organizing parties and events. She has one last event and then some down time.

She's not going to get her wish, Natasha has plans. A bulldozer comes into Sophie's yard along with a television star. He's going to create a garage for her. Unfortunately, Sophie has no knowledge of her plans and although she would like a garage, she doesn't want to lose her plants or her backyard. Natasha doesn't take no for an answer.

Sophie tries to escape the noise and people in her yard, she heads over to his house to plant a rose bush. While digging in the back yard, she uncovers a purse. The purse belongs to Wolf's wife, whom mysteriously disappeared years ago. Most people assume that Wolf murdered her. Sophie isn't sure what to do, but now everyone's concerned about Anne.  Could she be murdered?

My Thoughts: I really enjoy reading this series. I love Sophie and find her relationship with Natasha both strange and fascinating.  I like their advice before the chapters, I find it amusing when they both answer the same question so differently. 
I loved the garden parties and visualizing the flowers. It felt peaceful and wonderful (except for the manure smell and the dead bodies). 
I thought the Greene family had great characters - the gold digger and trophy wife, the loyal ex-wife who's shocked by events, the proud son who wants to take over, and the man who has everything. Add in a nosy and eavesdropping housekeeper. The Greenes were horrible, but entertaining. 
I liked learning more about Wolf and his wife and their past. 
I can't wait to see where Krista Davis will take the next book!

Cover Thoughts: Beautiful!
Source: My Library.

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