Friday, June 15, 2012

review: Radiate

During her junior year, Hayley decides to change her extracurricular activities. She gives up band and starts practicing like crazy. Cheerleading tryouts are help right before summer for the fall.

Hayley's so happy when she makes the team. She can't wait for cheer camp and that first football game. During the course of training, she notices leg pain and lump.

After going to the doctor, she's dumbfounded to discover it's cancer. Right away, she goes into the hospital for an remove the cancer.

Her recovery takes longer than she would like, but she's determined to make it to the football games. Her determination helps when the doctors aren't sure of her progress, when she's back at school and no one knows what to say, and when her hair falls out.

Can Hayley's senior year be everything she dreamt it could be?

My Thoughts: I wasn't sure I wanted to read this book. I don't like reading about sickness or disease. Plus cancer has hit close to me recently.

But I'm a big fan of Marley's so I read it and I'm glad I did. I was expecting the book to be sad and depressing. While there were moments of sadness, it was mostly uplifting. I expected to cry buckets, but instead, I think I teared up once or twice.

I admired Hayley for her strength, her determination, her courage, and her hope. She came through with humor and honesty. 

Her parents were great, doing everything they could to make their daughter better. They struggled financially due to family drama they tried to hide. Hayley struggled with her friends and their reaction to cancer. Some of them were amazing and some were cruel.

An excellent look at how cancer tried to impact Hayley's life and left scars, but didn't change her.

Cover Thoughts: Cute

Source: My Library

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Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

I agree! I wasn't sure about reading this one, either, for the same reasons you stated, but I'm glad I did. I enjoyed it!