Thursday, June 14, 2012

Books I'm Dying To Read: August Edition

I can't wait to read these books - all coming out in August. Do you have ones you're looking forward to reading in August?
Sour Apples - The 6th book in the Apple Orchard series deals with Meg's former world colliding with her new world.  GoodReads - Out August 7th
Seven Layer Death- book 5 in the Della Wells series - no description or cover art available.- GoodReads - Out August 7th

Powdered Peril  - The 8th book in the Donut Shop mystery series  delves more into the Grace and Peter's relationship.  GoodReads - Out August 28th
Biting Cold - Merit's dealing with the traumatic loss from the last cliff hanger in the 6th book of the Chicagoland Vampire series. GoodReads - Out August 7th


Shatterproof - Book 4 in the Cahill vs Vespers series for tweens - highly addicting combination of danger and action.  GoodReads - Out August 31st
Ungifted - An ungifted students mistakenly gets placed among students   GoodReads - Out August 21st

Foretold - 14 Tales of Prophecy and Prediction from amazing YA authors. GoodReads - Out August 28th
Courtship and Curses - The prequel to Betwitching Season - historical fantasy with ballrooms and fabulous dresses.  GoodReads - Out August 7th

False Memory - Sounds like a Bourne type book - which is awesome! GoodReads - Out August 14th
Throne of Glass - Just finished this book and it's AWESOME! Lots of action, danger, and romance. Don't miss this one!!! GoodReads - Out August 7th


If I Lie - A girl kisses another boy - not her army boyfriend and consequence ensue.  GoodReads - Out August 28th
Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff that Made me Famous- Summer Romance, a chance to be a star on a cooking show, and a potential future in cooking - sounds great to me! GoodReads - Out August 21st


Comeback - Book 15 in the addicting Canterwood Crest series - where Lauren competes for the first time since her accident and deals with friendship drama.  GoodReads - Out August 7th
Mutiny in Time - I just finished this one, and it's very similar to the 39 Clues series!  GoodReads - Out August 31st


Dear Mr. Darcy - Jane Austen freak - plus I really adore this author. GoodReads - Out August 7th

Dream Lake -I love this series and this author. I'm excited to read about Zoe's story in this enchanting series. GoodReads - Out August 7th


A Witch Before Dying - I really enjoyed the first book in this series of magic, sisters, and a small town.  GoodReads - Out August 7th

No Way to Kill a Lady -Blackbird Sister's book 8, so happy there's more of this series as I adore the vintage clothes, the newspaper, the sisters, and the romance. GoodReads - Out August 7th


Survive -Described as Hatchet meets Lost!  GoodReads - Out August 2nd

Defiance - 1st in a new series with romance, danger, and rebellion. Plus the cover looks awesome GoodReads - Out August 28th


Nicole said...

I'm really excited to read THRONE OF GLASS, and DEFIANCE looks great!

liquidfirefly said...

you should check out the book i just finished "Eye of Leomander" it is Diane Louise Smith's first publication...its a good read, if not a short one. I loved it and couldn't stop scrolling...its only on digital down load, was just going to be a i hope she writes more..