Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: Wentworth Hall

Maggie has a secret and she's pulled away from her family to keep it. After her return from Paris, she's no longer the carefree wild child. Instead, she's looking at marriage.

She has no desire to marry any other men around Wentworth Hall, which is crumbling down. When her father's friend dies leaving his children alone, Lord Darlington offers them his home. 

The twins stand to inherit a large fortune on their 18th birthday, but until then, they are penniless. Lord and Lady Darlington hope to marry Maggie to Teddy Fitzhugh.  Maggie isn't sure she wants to marry Teddy, but there's no harm in spending time with him.

My Thoughts: The tagline for this book states that it's perfect for Downton Abbey fan and it's true. The book features multiple perspectives from Maggie, her sister, and their maid. There's also an anonymous newspaper series based upon Wentworth Hall that isn't kind to anyone in the house.  Maggie and her sister used to be close, but that was before her trip to the continent. Now, there's obvious tension between the two sisters. Scandal, romance, and jealous all reside with the family in Wentworth Hall.

I really enjoyed this read, except that I felt it wrapped up too quickly. It felt like the beginning of a series, but I'm not sure if that's true and I can't find any information to a sequel.

Cover Thoughts: I Like it

Source: My Library

Challenge: Historical Fiction

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