Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Rest in Pizza

Eleanor's happy when she hears her friend will be opening up a bookstore in the square where she own Slice of Delight. She's more than happy to volunteer to help Cindy with the grand opening featuring superstar Chef Benet.

Eleanor doesn't realize what she's getting herself and her sister into. There's no match for Chef Benet's ego. Nothing suits him. He's talking of pulling out of the appearance all together. He heads for Eleanor's shop to think about the situation.

Maddie and Eleanor arrive at the shop to fetch him when they discover his body.  The list of suspects isn't big, but everyone has a reason to dislike the man.  Eleanor wonders why the man came to town in the first place. Could something from his past tie him to the town?

My Thoughts: I really enjoy reading this series for the sisterly bond, the romances of the sisters, and the descriptions of the pizza. I love the small town charm of this series - this is the 4th book in the series. The sisters have a tight bond, but still get on each other's nerves.  They support each other, laugh with each other, and admire each other.

Each sister has a boyfriend. Both the men come into the pizza restaurant from time to time. Maddie's boyfriend has something serious on his mind, a question she's not ready to answer.

The tight knit community rushes to help out in times of need. The owners of the shops, bakery, and restaurants all chat with each other as old friends. 

A charming addition to this delicious series.

Cover Thoughts: Great

Source: Inter-Library Load

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