Sunday, March 6, 2016

Summer Reading Program Ideas

I'm getting excited about this year's theme. Part of it has to do with life size games that I want to attempt as programs. I hosted a live action angry bird game a few years back at the library, and it went over Really well. So, here's hoping for a great summer.  - as usual, these ideas came from Pinterest. We made a life-size Sorry board game and it was awesome!!!:
80's party Giant Rubix cube out of 12x12 cardboard boxes and acrylic paint.  Fun party game idea!:
Rubix Cube
Teens, don’t miss our 8-Bit Bash this Wednesday. This life-sized Tetris game is just a bit of the fun we have planned:
Why spend the money on a giant Jenga set, when you can reuse, reduce, and recycle one from old soda cartons?! The Library often hosts giant games programs using found or reclaimed items! Check out our program calendar for upcoming events and fun things for kids to do!:
Life Size Pac-Man…:
Pac Man
Life Size Connect 4:
Connect Four
Transform your backyard into the coolest mini golf course around! Use creativity and ordinary household items (cereal boxes, books, cardboard) to construct the course. Hours of fun. Your kids will have as much much putting it together as they will playing the game!:
Mini Golf

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