Monday, March 14, 2016

Wish Me Luck!

Today I begin a new journey - as a Youth Services Librarian for the Cragin Librarian in Colchester, CT. I really missed the library world. I've never worked primarily with younger kids and I'm excited about the possibilities. Of course it means, I still get to work with teens!  So many new ideas to explore...
From their Facebook Page
What that means for the blog: 
Not much, although I might be talking more and more about pictures books in round-up type post. I might talk more about Children's books or Children's Librarianship, but mostly things here will remain the same.

What that means for my writing:
Not much, I'll still have some time to write in the mornings, but not the whole day. I might have to lessen my word count goals

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Jessica said...

Good luck and congratulations to you!!!!!!! :)