Saturday, March 5, 2016

Adult Review: NYPD Red 4

* Book 4 in the NYPD Red series *
A movie premiere in New York City goes south when the star actress becomes the murdered victim in a jewelry robbery. The diamond and emerald necklace created by the Bassett brothers from one of the world's top jewelry houses.

A series of robberies creates drama for hospitals as they can't trace the missing expensive equipment. They can't share the knowledge that the equipment is missing for fear of a distrust of hospitals, but neither can they afford the millions of dollars now gone.

Between the two cases, there's the personal drama. Kylie's husband has relapsed in his addictions. He's crating havoc of their personal life and his professional life. Meanwhile Zach's relationship with Cheryl is on the rocks because of the time spent helping Kylie find her husband and solving her problems.

With so many pieces in need of care, will the NYPD Red team ever catch a break?
My Thoughts: This book is back on top with the series and once again I'm a happy reader. Lots of action and plot twists move the book forward. Great banter adds a little humor to the book, breaking things up. It's hard not to read this one in just one sitting. 

As for the characters, I clearly enjoy the secondary characters much more. I loved the older con woman and her son. They were intriguing and entertaining. I love the waitress at the diner who always needs to talk some sense into Zach. I like Zach, expect when he makes terrible choices (all too often) about his personal relationships. I go back and forth on Kylie. I like that she's tough and feisty, but I hate how she treats her friends.

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