Friday, March 25, 2016

About Me: Candy

One of my resolutions this year (and to be honest almost every year) is to talk more about myself on the blog. Me in a nutshell: I'm a Librarian. I'm a blogger. I'm a reader. Here's a little bit about me outside the bookish world.

Like my father and my grandfather, I have a sweet tooth. I'm a bit of a candy freak.

Earlier this week, I was leading a book club on the book Candymakers (which is a fabulous book and made my mouth water while reading it). We were talking about candy we liked and candy we didn't like. While I LOVE candy, there are certain kinds I don't enjoy which made me think of this list.

Of course I'm picky about everything I eat and candy is no exception.

I'm a strictly dark chocolate lover. It's hard for me to enjoy milk chocolate or white chocolate anymore, unless it's in say a Snickers bar or peanut butter cup.

I love gummy candy, fruit slices, SPKs, mounds bars, Reeses pieces, Flavored M&Ms (dark chocolate, peanut, and peanut butter). I love truffles.

But I don't love black licorice, really sour candy, taffy or anything that will stick to my teeth, I like soft caramel, but not hard caramel.

When I was a kid, I loved going to my great-aunt's house because she had a candy drawer filled with various types of candy and I was allowed to take anything I wanted. I thought it was the best thing ever and swore that I would have one too when I was old enough.

I don't have a favorite kind of candy, because it always changes. I'm a seasonal candy eater. I love jelly beans around Easter. I love dark chocolate covered marshmallow eggs around Easter. I like a few candy corn in the fall. I like mint candies around Christmas.

I feel better when there's candy in the house; when it's not I tend to feel cranky. I like a little something sweet after lunch and dinner. It doesn't have to be big, just a little something will do.

Of course I like to make candy too. I make it usually for Christmas - various types of truffles. Last year I tried my own Mounds bars, which went over really well. My Pinterest page has lots of recipes that I'm looking forward to testing out.

Are you a candy lover too? Do you have a favorite kind or are you more like me?


Unknown said...

Anything peanut butter and chocolate is my weakness. The best is the Reese's egg, so this time of year is dangerous for me!

Jessica said...

I love almost all kinds of candy! I love dark chocolate a lot!(The Ghirardelli mini dark chocolate squares are so good!) I love gummy worms, M&Ms, Trix bars, Reeses cups, Three Musketeers bars, Hershey, and Dove bars a lot, too! Anything chocolate is my favorite, though! :)

Karen McCoy said...

Yes. Definite sweet tooth here! I carpet-bombed my body with sugar in my early twenties, and now am on a somewhat restricted diet in my 30s. Creme brulee and chocolate mousse are still my weaknesses though...