Monday, March 7, 2016

Upcoming Review: The New Guy

Jules wants it all. She wants to be editor in chief of the school newspaper and she wants early admission to an Ivy league college (Brown). She doesn't care if she misses a little fun if she can lock up her future.

Nothing ends up the way she planned it.

And then Alex enters the picture.

Now her world's been turned upside down. One minute Jules had all the answers and the next minute she's left wondering what the heck happened. Alex betrays her and she vows to get revenge. 
My Thoughts: I really liked Jules - even though she wanted to be perfect. I liked her attention to detail. I liked how she volunteered walking dogs. I liked how she learned from her mistakes and came out the other side with more balance in her life. 

I liked her interactions with Alex - their banter and truth telling. I liked how Alex used to be a member of a huge boy band and how that changes his perspective of life.

I loved her two moms - they were funny, intelligent, and sweet. 
I enjoyed her relationship with her teacher - and how he lived next door and socialized with her moms. 
I liked the rivalry with the newspaper vs TALON

Cover Thoughts: I like this one much better
Source: ARC from Librarian Preview
Release Date: April 5th
Final Thoughts: Add this book to your TBR pile, you won't want to miss it!

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