Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tween Tuesday Review: End of the Earth

* Book 3 in the SPIES trilogy *
The School for SPIES is in serious trouble after their last failed mission and betrayal. The students are scattered, the school is burned down, and Max is in serious trouble. He's turned to the dark side, on orders from Hantai Annie.

Now Mrs. Frost wants to legally adopt him and keep him at LOTUS. Max just needs to find evidence against her and then he can plot his escape. But the fortress might be more security than he can handle.

Can Max uncover the whereabouts of his friends and bring down his enemies before LOTUS wins - forever?
My Thoughts: The ending of this trilogy was action packed with lots of danger, action, and plot twists. I liked learning more about LOTUS - their players and their headquarters. I liked the shift in perspectives. I loved how everything came together. I really enjoyed this trilogy.

Cover Thoughts: Cool
Source: my Library
Final Thoughts: Perfect trilogy for tween readers who love action books, thrillers, and spy stories. Plus there's a side of friendship, finally belonging, family drama, and a dash of romance.

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