Sunday, January 31, 2016

Spring Programs: Food

It sure feels like Spring now in New England, but I'm sure that will change soon. It's nice to imagine that we might just sail through winter without huge snowstorms and move right into Spring.  Or maybe it's just fun to imagine Spring programs. So I thought I'd attempt to help and toss out a few ideas for fall - all from pinterest
Also, take a look at last year's Valentine Programs or Mint programs for St. Patrick's Day ideas. Plus last year's Spring Flower program ideas.
This year's Butterfly ideas or Garden programs or Flowers
sugar cookie/fruit tacos!:
Fruit Tacos
nutter butter sandal cookies -- someone needs to make these for me (ha):
Flip Flip Sandal Cookies 
Fun, easy and delicious! Dip into the holidays one cookie at a time! This recipe is the perfect activity for your kids to join in. Easily make them with Pillsbury sugar cookie dough – simply roll it out into a rectangle, cut with a pizza slicer, bake and dip into frosting with a candy coating.:
Dip with Spring Colors

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