Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review: Dating on the Dork Side

A chance encounter in the tutoring room gives Camy a look at a secret school website - for the boys. They rate the girls in the school. So far the boys say that she smells good and that she tutors.

Then Camy checks another girl's page - complete with comments and pictures. Camy immediately sends Elle a link with the website details.

She's not at all surprised to get an email later that night with a phone number, asking her to call. They come up with a plan.

They round up the girls mentioned and show them the comments. So they round up the names of all the guys who have posted or commented. Then they agree to boycott all the boys - no connection with the boys until this is over. Boyfriends are dumped. Boys can't find dates.

Things get ugly. But the girls mean business and this is war. Can they force the guys to start treating them with the respect they deserve? 
My Thoughts: I really Loved the authors' previous book The Geek Girl's Guide to Cheerleading. And I think they've done it again, I devoured this book. 

I like how Camy and Elle teamed up to take action. I really liked the friendship formed between the girls in the group - especially the unlikely friendships. I like how they start supporting each other and becoming closer.

I like how the more popular girls started dating the nerdy guys. 

Everything tumbles out and the hurt spreads - but so does healing. I like how this one ended.  

Cover Thoughts: Love the sneaker stepping on a heart
Source: Book sent for review

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