Monday, January 25, 2016

Mini Review: Great Moments in Chocolate History

Timeline of Chocolate History starting in the early 1500s through 2014 and thoughts about the future of chocolate. 
The Good:
Full of fascinating facts including famous chocolate lovers, technology changes everything, modern chocolate, and chocolate in the kitchens
Fantastic pictures that will make your mouth water
Recipes that I can't wait to test

The Bad:
A good book is always too short.

Cover Thoughts: Looks fun and inviting
Source: Birthday Gift '

Also I dare you to read this book without eating a lick of chocolate (I couldn't do it - check out the chocolate that I ate) What's your favorite type of chocolate?
Final Thoughts: Perfect book for your favorite Chocolate Lover

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Jessica said...

This book looks good! I LOVE chocolate, I need to see if my library has this! :)