Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mysterious Saturday Review: Foreign Eclairs

 * Book 9 in the White House Chef Mystery series *
Strange events are happening to the White House staff. First a member takes personal time without an explanation. Ollie is mugged on the way home. Then there's news of a bombing of a federal prison - a prison in which a resident currently resides thanks to Ollie.

Soon it becomes clear that all three events are connected. Ollie's targeted in a revenge plot - someone wants her to pay. At first, the revenge plots start small, but quickly they escalate. Even Ollie isn't sure she's going to survive this one...
My Thoughts: I loved this series! This installment of the series reminds me of the show 24. I liked that every time they thought the revenge plot was finished, the book took another turn.  Lots of action, danger, and plot twists in this one. I devoured this book, not wanting to let go of the world and these characters. I needed to know what happened!

I liked how Gav and Ollie worked together to figure out and attempt to untangle this mess. 

As always, I love the background bits in the White House and I really enjoyed the search for a new chef. The interviews and candidates were entertaining. 

I really liked the scenes between Ollie and Josh. I like how she helped him and how he talked with his parents. I think being a kid/teen in White House would be very difficult. 

A wonderful series and as much as I want to know what happens next, I can imagine too.

Cover Thoughts: Love them
Source: Book sent for Review

For news about the series that's hard (but understanding to read) - here's the author to explain about the Ollie's future.
Final Thoughts: Reading this series is like getting together with old friends. I shall be very sad next January without them.

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