Saturday, January 30, 2016

Review: See How They Run

* Book 2 in Embassy Row *
Grace's brother came to Embassy Row for a visiting, bringing along a school friend. Things get out of hand that night at a party when Spence kisses Grace.

Her brother's best friend and a boy Grace has grown close to, Alexei takes offense. Spence and Alexei get into a fight. Grace and Jamie break up the fight and head home. The next morning, Grace meets Alexei.

They come across a scene in the street, where a man washed up dead onto the shore. When they identify the body as Spence, Alexei becomes the main suspect.

Grace is sure he had nothing to do with it and vows to protect him. But there are bigger secrets here on Embassy Row - secrets someone wants to keep buried.
My Thoughts: I Loved this book - I tore through it, loving the twists and turns. I loved meeting Jamie and understanding more about his relationship with Grace. I felt bad about Spence, but I felt worse about Alexei and the treatment from his father. 

I liked learning more about the island's history and the caves. There was a National Treasure moment in there, which I loved. 

I love how Grace can count on her friends, even if they think she's making a terrible decision. She always has their support. 

I can't wait for the next book to see how this turns out! This is what the puppy and I thought of that cliff hanger ending - and we NEED the next book ASAP!

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Cover Thoughts: Love the city in the background
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Final Thoughts: Run and grab this book, it's amazingly good. 

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