Sunday, January 3, 2016

January Display Ideas

Welcome to a New Year. Winter has hit, but it still doesn't feel like winter here in New England. Still, any weather is great for reading and discovering new books. One of things I miss about being a YA Librarian is making displays. So I thought maybe I'd write up a few posts about display ideas and create a monthly blog post.

January is:
National Hobby Month
Display Ideas: Try a new hobby - a mix of books showcasing character hobbies
Book Lists: Art, photography, dramatic arts, writing, cooking, fashion

National Tea Month
Display Ideas:
Show off your tea collection and what soothes you. Draw pictures of tea bags and then rub an actual tea bag against it so you can capture its scent!:
You could re-create this with book covers with tea loving characters and the plot of the book

National Blood Donor Month
Display Ideas: Vampires
Book List: Vampire

Dates include:
January 4: Trivia day
Book Ideas: Books on fandoms 
January 13: Make Your Dreams Come True day
Book ideas: Nonfiction - goals or college or the future
Fiction: books about dreams
January 16th: Appreciate a Dragon day
Book List: Featuring Dragons
January 19th: National Popcorn day
Book ideas: books to movies - esp those in theaters this year.
January 24: Compliment day
Book ideas: Characters who would use a friend

New Year Ideas:
Branching out with Different Genres
A nature-inspired sign and simple table display:

Book Ideas: Various genres with great covers.

Improve Yourself: Learn a new skill this year
Beautiful Bulletin Boards. There are several stunning bulletin boards on this post.:
Book Ideas: improvements - study tips, eating healthy, or learning new skills

* Some of the book lists are older, but I'm working on updating them. At least they will give you a good starting point.

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