Friday, January 22, 2016

About Me: Baking

One of my resolutions this year (and to be honest almost every year) is to talk more about myself on the blog. Me in a nutshell: I'm a Librarian. I'm a blogger. I'm a reader. Here's a little bit about me outside the bookish world.

If you follow me on Instagram - I post a LOT of pictures of food. First because it's easy to snap a picture. And second because I like to eat - a Lot. 

I don't mind cooking but my real love is baking. 

Most of the time, I find it relaxing. Although sometimes I don't read the recipe all the way through and that causes issues. 

I have a Good Eats board on Pinterest - mostly filled with desserts with over 1200 pins. Some of it is more substantial food. Lots of bread too! Yes I'm addicted to Pinterest.

I love tasting desserts in restaurants, but often I'm disappointed.

I think I could make it better. Or more the way I would like it.

I'm not crazy about fancy desserts. I'm more of a brownie - cookie - cake kind of girl. 

How did I get this way?

Well, both my Grandfather and my Father have the same sweet tooth. My parents like to bake and it just seemed natural to me. I would get care packages in college with homemade cookies from my dad. It was the best! Having a homemade baked good makes me happy. Plus it's one of the ways I show people I care.

So what kinds of things are my specialty?
Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes 
Lemon Rolls
Apple Crisp
Chocolate Peanut Butter Whoopie pie
Not Pictured: Brownies, S'more Rocky Road Brownies, cookies, Blueberry Cake, get the idea.

Do you have a favorite dessert?

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Jessica said...

All of this looks delicious! (Esp. the Boston cream pie cupcakes and the lemon rolls!) My Mom and I love to bake together! My favorite dessert for us to make is cupcakes, because I love to decorate them! My favorite dessert to eat? Anything that has chocolate in it! :)