Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Matinee Review: X-Men First Class

I'm a HUGE fan of the X-men movies - so I was so happy to have a date with my husband on Friday night to see it!


I loved learning to back story between Professor X and Magneto. I loved seeing them as friends and then understanding why they broke apart.

I loved the story of Mystique and Magneto - it's very telling of their path together.

I loved Beast and learning more about him - and I love that the boy who played him was the boy from About a Boy.

I LOVED Professor X. James McAvoy was perfect in this role. Plus he's dreamy and has a gorgeous accent *swoon*

I loved learning how the X-men originated (found each other) and how they came together as a group

I liked Jennifer Lawrence - it's the first movie I've seen her in and I think she'll make a great Katniss.

Plus I LOVED the Wolverine cameo. It's just not an X-men movie without him!!!

I also love how they left it open - for more movies.


Midnight Bloom said...

I watched X-Men: First Class on Friday night and LOVED it! I really want to see it in theaters again! :)

Unknown said...

I was thinking the exact thing about Jennifer Lawrence. She played Mystique perfectly and I can't wait to see her as Katniss.

The Wolverine cameo made me laugh... got to love him.