Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: Hourglass

* Comes out June 14th*

Em (Emerson) can see the past. She sees people that normal people can't see. And yet they are not ghosts. However, most people think she's crazy. In fact, she herself was convinced she was crazy.

Then she met Micheal.

Her brother hired him (along with countless others) to help her understand herself better. He made her feel normal. He made her feel safe. He explained the world to her.

It's mind-boggling and nothing like she ever expected. Could he really be telling the truth or are her feelings for him clouding her judgement?

My Thoughts: I loved it! I loved the meeting between Em and Michael. I love her sass and how she challenges people. I loved Michael's loyalty and his goodness. I loved his explanation of the world. I loved their playfulness between each other - the sass, the frustration, and the romance. I'm so interested in what comes next.

Cover Thoughts: I don't understand it - at all. Ever after reading it.

Source: review copy provided by Egmont

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Jen Bigheart said...

I loved Hourglass! I think the cover says...My world is literally turned upside down!


Jessica said...

I am BEYOND stoked for this book...and you have an interview with Myra coming up!!!