Saturday, June 18, 2011

Adult Review: Turn in the Road

Bethanne's life turned upside down when her husband announced that he wanted a divorce and moved out to live with his mistress. That was years ago and she still recovering.

When speaking with her ex mother-in-law, Bethanne agrees to travel with her across country so Ruth can attend her 50th high school reunion.

Bethanne never imagines that her daughter Annie will want to join them. Annie thought her boyfriend was going to propose, but instead he tells her that he's leaving for a year long trip to Europe - tomorrow. After her day, she comes to realize that a trip away might be just the thing.

Together the three women take off an an adventure that will change their lives. Bethanne meets a man who stirs up emotions she thought she's never feel again. Her ex-husband also makes it no secret that he's like to reconcile. The option of two men leave her torn. Annie must come to terms with her parents' decisions and to figure out her own love life. Ruth desperately wants to see her old friends, but she especially wants to see her first love.

My Thoughts: Sadly, I read this is the last book in the Blossom Street series. I LOVE this series. I love how each book focuses on a woman from a knitting group. I love reuniting with other characters from previous books and seeing new developments in their lives.

I LOVED Max. I loved Bethanne and Ruth. I really didn't like Annie because she kept pushing her parents together. I could sympathize with her, but I just didn't like her. I hated Grant - Bethanne's ex-husband. An excellent emotion read, a classic Debbie Macomber tale. I can't wait to read her next book!

Cover Thoughts: LOVE it!

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