Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Author Visit: Tera Lynn Childs

Tera and I have been chatting online since I read Oh My Gods - which I LOVED. Since then, I've read all her YA books (I need to read her chick lit books!) and LOVED each of them. I was so excited to have her come to the library for a program!

The room set up:

A teen volunteer Allie drew and painted this awesome mermaid!!!!!

A sparkly castle - just right for Lily!

The Food Table: with cupcakes and mint Oreos (because they are both delicious and Vegan!)
The Favors:
Bookmarks, Buttons, Rose Bath Salts, book postcards

Mermaid Buttons, toenail polish, and these amazing foot scrubs.

Tera speaking:

Here are the secrets I learned:
*Tera used to consider herself a math/science girl and not a reading/writing girl
* Her mermaid books came from daydreaming at the beach about a merman coming out of the water and kissing a woman - transferring power to the woman with a kiss
* The original cover of Oh My Gods (featuring an ancient statue - which I LOVED) wasn't carried by the two major booksellers. Instead, it gained recognition with librarians through a starred review in PW
* The last book that Tera adored and thinks everyone should Love, is The Hunger Games
* When she read the Baby-Sitter's Club book: Logan Likes Mary-Ann, she though that every book should have a happy ending (I do too!)
*Her character Gretchen from the upcoming Sweet Venom came from E. Lockhart's Fly on a Wall

Some Fun Pictures:

A goofy picture of me swimming with Lily
(That was for you, Jess!)

Me, Tera, and Jess (who was caught eating during picture time)

Here's Allie (the mermaid artist) and Tera!

Everyone had a great time - I heard so many people commenting to me about the visit! It was So great to meet Tera. She's so sweet and lovely.


Jessica said...

Great write-up from a superfun event! The cupcakes were awesome...and you swim beautifully. ;)

LinWash said...

That is so lovely! Great decorations! I'm sure she felt welcome. Would love for her to come to my neck of the woods.