Monday, June 13, 2011

Author Night at RJ Julia's

Thursday Night, my friend Mary and I battled our way through a massive rain storm, complete with thunder and lightning to meet Sara Shepard, Sarah Mlynowski, and Maureen Johnson.

They were HILARIOUS - from the moment they were introduced to the moment we left. They perched upon stools and each read from their books.

The Last Little Blue Envelope
Ten Things We Did and Probably Shouldn't Have
The Lying Game

I can't wait to read ALL of them. I bought copies there so I could have them signed.

After the readings, Maureen Johnson became the new Oprah and wandered through the aisles with a microphone allowing people to ask questions.

There was lots of laughter and a lot of truth telling:
Sara S used to create small fires with her friends and LOVES writing about other people's dirty little secrets.
Ten Things We Did... was based on Sarah M's experience in high school. She also got a speeding ticket during her book tour for HOW TO BE BAD. Fitting no?
Maureen Johnson color codes her sock drawer and dropped her phone in the toilet during BEA this year

Mary and I met up with fellow YA Librarian (and blogger) Jessica talked about books and TV series until the line dwindled down and then we had our books signed.

We met two of the women working for RJ Julia's - an EXCELLENT bookstore.

Jessica asked Maureen Johnson to write #YASaves in her book and I confess I copied her excellent idea (Copying a brilliant idea goes with the territory when you're a YA Librarian). We all had a few extra minutes talking with the authors - more like gushing over their works. We posed for pictures, thanked them profusely, and then left.

It was a GREAT night!

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Jessica said...

Great post, Jen! So happy to be mentioned in such great company. I can't wait to post my pics, too! (Talk about "borrowing" great goes for blog posts, too. LOL)