Thursday, June 9, 2011

review: Uncommon Criminals

*2nd book of the Heist series*

Kat's pulled off the greatest heist ever.

She's out of the family business -again.

Although she's still a thief, she's just stealing back items for people.
After a job in Russia, a woman stops her on the streets. She asks Kat for help - using a famous name to help make her case.

She wants Kat to steal the infamous Cleopatra Emerald - the same emerald that Uncle Eddie failed to steal years earlier. Can Kat and her crew pull off the impossible? Or will her ego get in the way?

My Thoughts: I didn't think it was possible to be better than Heist Society - but I was WRONG. It was amazing! I loved the heists. I loved the planning of the heists and the questions of which heist would work best. I'd love a list of heists and their explanations.

I loved how Kat came to understand herself better. I loved the relationship development between Kat and Hale. I LOVE Hale. He's dreamy. All the action, the drama, and the crazy plans exceeded my expectations - which were already pretty high. I can't wait for more of this series.

Cover Thoughts: I LOVE it! I love the details, the emerald in the glasses.

Source: BEA - signed by Ally Carter!!!

Random Question: Are the names of the heists real? They seem so clever.


Anonymous said...

I seriously cannot wait to read this book! I loved Heist Society and it has been torture waiting for it. Sounds like it's worth the wait!!

Anonymous said...

I ended up getting this book the Friday before pub date (YAY TWITTER FOR LETTING ME KNOW!). I read it over that weekend. Sigh. I love Ally Carter's writing. While I can't say I loved #2 more than #1, I can say that I stayed up late one night reading about Interpol and sighed when I finished the book.

I missed the whole crew, seriously. I love all her characters SO MUCH.