Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Pizza to Die For

*third book in the series*

Eleanor owns a pizza joint. Her sister Maddie, a high school student, and a college boy all work for her. They can't believe their ears when they discover a rival pizza place opening just steps from their place. Eleanor and her crew go over to find out more information and their meeting with the new owner ends in a confrontation.

When the man turns up dead in his own building, the grand opening of the new pizza place is delayed. While Eleanor had motive, she had nothing to do with his death. Many people in town back her up, but there are some who stop coming to buy pizza.

With business shaky, Eleanor has no choice but to dig into the murder if she hopes to regain business.

My Thoughts: A fun mystery. I love the saucy sisters. I love the pizza descriptions. I once had a job at a pizza joint and it was my favorite job (in a non-library job world). I really loved the romantic storyline for Eleanor. All in all, this series is great entertainment and I'm looking forward to number four.

Fun Fact: Chris Cavender is a pseudonym used by Tim Myers - which is funny because there's a line in the book about craft books and publishers not buying them. It made me guess the author's identity. I LOVED his soap books.

Cover Thoughts: LOVE it! It makes me crave pizza

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