Friday, June 24, 2011

Review: The Slice

Toby, Annabel, and Strobe have been invited to New York City for a training session for promising workers of Killer Pizza at their headquarters. KP is actually a front for an organization of monster hunters. The three co-workers have been invited to join the KP ranks.

As soon as they arrive, Harvey sends them out on a job. They’re asked to bring in a dekayi monster who needs protection from her own kind.

However, not much information about the dekayi exists. They’re supposed to find a dekayi girl, who looks human in Central Park and bring her to headquarters.

Things don’t go according to plan. Someone doesn’t want the dekayi girl to escape. They’re hot on her trail.

After a huge fight, the team finally escapes with the dekayi girl. They return to Hidden Hills and their normal lives.

Then Harvey calls with news that Calanthe only wants to talk with them. She’s not ready to spill any secrets unless she’s under their protection. Harvey comes up with a plausible story of a foreign exchange student. Calanthe arrives to stay with Annabel.

The three not only have the job of protecting her, but also trying to acclimate her into the human world. Everything goes smoothly until they uncover that the dekayi will do anything to get Calanthe back.

My Thoughts: THE SLICE picks up four months after KILLER PIZZA ends. I love the idea as a pizza joint being a front for fighting monsters. I love the names of the pizzas. I love the banter between the three friends and the co-workers. THE SLICE includes lots of action, danger, and suspense.

Cover Thoughts: I like the combined monsters and pizza - but it's not as good as the first cover (Hardcover)!

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Librarian comment: Killer Pizza is a book I recommend all the time to reluctant boy readers

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