Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Recommendations

 This week's topic is all about book recommendations. I've been reading romances forever and I really love Regency romances. So this week I'm recommending some historical romances in case you've never read them and want to give them a try. Many of these books are the first in a series, so if you like them, you have more to read!

With the Bridgerton show coming on Christmas Day from Netflix, it's the perfect time to read this charming series.



 Have you read any of these?

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Unknown said...

Hi, Jen! I didn't know that you switched libraries and are now a Children's Librarian! I absolutely LOVED my job as elementay school librarian...the kids were the best! Have you read the "Bloody Jack" series by L.A. Meyer? One of my favorite series for older (grade 5+) kiddos. I have turned my granddaughter into an avid reader with these books. I will def try to keep watch of your blog. Nice to see former students go on with their love of reading! Go, Jen!