Thursday, October 8, 2020

Holiday Review: Hot Cocoa Hearts

Hot Cocoa Hearts (Wish, #3)

Ever since Emery's grandmother died, she's become a scrooge. She used to love the holidays but now they just make her unhappy. To make matters worse, her parents make her dress up as an elf and work their Christmas photo booth in the mall.

It's the worst!

Especially since she meets a boy in her class who works at the hot chocolate place next to the photo booth. He's definitely got the holiday spirit. 

The boy she's majorly crushing over, Sawyer, also isn't into the commercialization of  the holidays. Emery hasn't spent much time with Sawyer, but he's the perfect boy for her...
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this middle grade romance. I loved the classroom Secret Santa gifts - and the friendships that grew from them. I felt terrible for Emery for losing both her Grandmother and her Christmas spirit. I loved the moments between Emery and Alex - especially their talk of hot chocolate. A sweet story that's all about being true to yourself, friendship, and the Christmas Spirit. 

Cover Thoughts: Super Cute
Source: My library
Library  Recommendation: A great holiday romance for middle grade readers - perfect for your school or library collection.

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