Thursday, October 29, 2020

Holiday Book Review: Stealing Kisses in the Snow


Piper's a single mom with a lot on her plate and the holidays just around the corner. She recently is required to work full time at the inn next door, while the owner is recovering from a fall and subsequent surgery. She wants this year to be perfect for her two kids, a cute four year and and a moody teenage boy.

Piper never imagined that Hazel's grandson would appear to help his grandmother in her time of need. Logan isn't used to staying long in one place. Last time he was in town, he urged this grandmother to sell the inn. She refused. 

Now he's staying put until after Christmas and taking orders from Piper. She's not his type at all, but there's something about her that gets under his skin.
My Thoughts: I didn't realize this was the second book in this series. They can be read as a stand-alone, but there are hints to the previous book. I really enjoyed this book. I felt bad for Piper as she had so much going on with her work and her family. She rarely had a moment for herself. I wish we could have had more interaction between her and her friends. I loved the moments between her daughter Lily and Logan. They were really sweet. The moments between Logan and Ethan were equally charming - but in a very different way. Add in baggage from the past and a meddling former mother-in-law and there are enough obstacles to hinder any romance. But of course it is a romance, so everything turns out perfectly. 

Cover Thoughts: Sweet - although I wish Logan was taller and you could see his tattoos
Source: Gifted

Library Recommendation: A sweet holiday romance for your readers looking for something they might find on the Hallmark channel.

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