Friday, April 29, 2016

National Princess Week

I love a good princess story, so I was happy to discover that this week is National Princess Week.

I've talked about my love of Princess books on the blog before.

In 2011, I created my list for favorite YA Princess books.
I've talked about my love for the Princess Diaries series and how it changed my life.
In a blog tour post, I talked about what bookish things I would do if I discovered one day I was a princess and money was no object
When Princess Charlotte was born, I created a book list fit for a Princess

And I've created these If You Like Pins:

If You Like...Princess in Black:

If You Like...Royal We, check out these other royal reads:

If You Like... Princess Diaries, check out these other royal reads!:

If You Like...Tuesdays at the Castle:

If You Like... Princess of the Midnight Ball:

IF You Like The Orphan Queen, try these other YA fantasies:  

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