Monday, April 11, 2016

Adult Review: Some Kind of Wonderful

 * Puffin Island book 2 *
Brittany always found sanctuary on the island. As a child, she found comfort in the small community, comfort in her grandmother's love, and comfort in the freedom the island provided.

Now she's back with a broken heart and unsure about her future. She's hoping that the island can work it's magic on her once again. But never in a million years did she expect Zach to be on the island again.

As a teenager, she fell hard for him. They married, but when he walked out on their marriage, he broke her heart. As much as she wants to hate him, the sparks between them are still there. Can she give him a second chance?
My Thoughts: I loved the first book of this trilogy and was so happy to stumble across the British version of book 2 at my library. I loved this one just as much. I love the three best friend and how they each come to the island to figure out their lives. I love the smallness of the island and how gossip spreads like wildfire. I love the casseroles appearing on your doorstep. In this book, I loved the idea of second chances. I loved the camp and how young kids need hope in their lives. I loved learning more about Zach's past and how he overcame the odds. I liked his relationship with his new family.

Cover Thoughts: Sweet
 Source: My Library
Final Thoughts: A sweet fantastic summer story that will warm your heart.

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