Thursday, April 28, 2016

Review: What You Always Wanted

* part of the If Only line *
Maddie Brooks blames her high standards for guys on her love for old movies. What guy her age can compete with Gene Kelly?

Maddie and her family move into a new town, where she meets her new neighbors. One of them becomes her best friend and the other could be her new crush (especially when she uncovers he's hiding a few secret dance moves)

But there's a reason his dance moves are a secret, and the more Maddie pushes him the more he retreats. At the moment, baseball is his one true love.

Can Maddie accept that?
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book and I'm a huge fan of this line. I really liked the addition of theater in this book and the old movies. I hope that readers look up the movies that Maddie loves and discover them and pass them around. 

I really liked Angela and Tiffany. They had a great friendship and some fantastic moments.

I loved the banter between Jesse and Maddie.  

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Final Thoughts: A fun romance with flair. If you're a romantic comedy fan, don't miss this one!

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