Sunday, April 24, 2016

Display Ideas: May

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming. Rain is upon us. Soon the grass will green up and leaves will pop out. I just returned back to the librarian world and I'm excited about making more displays. I'll still talk about ideas, but also chat about some displays that I created.

May is: 

Date your Mate Month
Display Ideas:
Blind Date with a Book | by Villa Park Public Library:
Pick Up Lines 
There really wasn't any friends to lovers display ideas on pinterest - if you do one, Add it!
You could take photos of TV characters who went from friends to dating.
Book Lists: Romance books or friends turned into more

Foster Care Month
Display Ideas:
Hear hear!! “@wijdewerelduden: Als je dat onthoudt, kom t wel goed met je als leerkracht :) !”:
Usually the YA books aren't happy on the foster care system - but that doesn't mean they aren't great characters
Books: characters in the foster care system 

Photograph Month:
Display Ideas:
wheelockcollege:  Courtesy of Taylor Kalloch, the Library now has a display about photography and the stories that photographs tell.  Did you know that the Library lends out cameras and that the entire Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) is available on all the Library computers?:
I Love the banner! Could also add in pictures of cameras
Book Lists: Teen photographers

Days in May:

May 4th: Star Wars Day
Display Ideas:
Laura Mae Creates: May the 4th Be With You #Starwars #Maythe4th:
May the 4th...
R2D2 drop-box at the Dupont Branch of the Allen County Public Library.:
R2D2 Book Return
Books: Star Wars books or other books set in space

May 7th: Free Comic Book Day
Display Idea:
Teen Book Display - Get Graphic:
Get Graphic
Books: highlight your comics/graphic novel collections

May 13th: Friday the 13th
Display Idea:
October Book Promotion. "It came from the library..." (blob dripping slime):
Slime and/or book monster
Want to have a nightmare? Library display at South East Junior High in Iowa City, Iowa.:
More Slime

May 30th: Memorial Day
Display Idea:
WW1 Centennial display  Remembrance Day ideas- from
WWI Memorial
Books: War books

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