Monday, April 18, 2016

Adult Mini Review: Because of Miss Bridgerton

* First in a new series *
Billie Bridgerton can't believe the scrap she just got herself into trying to help a cat. Now she's stuck on top of a roof with a hurt ankle and no way down. She's waiting for someone to come along - but of course the one person who comes along is the one person she can't stand.

George Rokesby is an old family friend. Unfortunately Billie and he have never been friends. She adores his brothers, but George seems condescending and annoying. But once he becomes her white knight, emotions begin to shift.  
The Good:
* The start of a new series, so we'll see these characters again
* The banter between Billie and George
* Billie's tomboy ways
* Billie's knowledge of the land and her working the land
* Billie wearing breeches
* Billie's way with the Rokesby brothers
* The Pall Mall game
* The mallet of the death
* The closeness of the families
* Mother maniupalation tricks
* Enemies to Lovers
* Slow romance

The Bad:
* We have to wait for more news about Edward
Final Thoughts: Get yourself to a library or bookstore and grab this one up if you love historical romances.
Cover Thoughts: Love it
Source: My Library
Fun Fact: In anticipation for this book, I wrote up a post on the BookBub blog about what books to read while waiting for this one, but it also works with what books to read afterwards.

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