Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review: All Dressed in White

 * Book 2 in the Under Suspicion series *
It's time to the choose the second  cold case for the show and Laurie has a number of possibilities. The day she's supposed to meet with her boss to pitch her ideas, a woman appears in her office sharing the story of her daughter Amanda Pierce.

Amanda was supposed be married, but instead she disappeared from the destination wedding without a trace. No one knew where she went. Five years have past and she hasn't reappeared. The case makes perfect sense and with her boss's permission, Laurie recreates the wedding weekend for filming.

Can her show solve another case and keep their track record?

My Thoughts: I loved the first book and I tore through this new one. I couldn't put it down. I felt horrible for the parents, the siblings, and the friends of Amanda. I can't imagine what they went through after the wedding that wasn't.

I loved the twists and turns of this novel as we hear what happened on that weekend, uncover secrets from the past and present, and of course find out what really happened that night.

I can't wait for the next  book!

Cover Thoughts: Love it
Source: My Library

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