Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tween Tuesday Review: Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olypmics

Kids around the US are annoyed that they didn't have the chance to complete in the library games. They would love a shot at beating team Kyle and proving their library knowledge.

So, Mr. Lemoncello complies, creating the first ever library Olympics. Everyone's excited about the new opportunity, except for Kyle.

He's worried that the first time through the games might have been a fluke. His nerves again new heights when he hears about all the talents kids gunning for the spotlight. Can he and his team reclaim their title as champions?
My Thoughts: I really liked this sequel. I loved the library games. I loved the readers being readers. I loved how a few competitors talked in Dewey. I found Charles entertaining. I liked the highlighting of censorship and that libraries are a fun place to be, instead of a silent cold building with only appropriate books to read. 

Cover Thoughts: Cool
Source: Book sent for Review
Fun Fact: I got to meet the author and there's a 3rd book coming!

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