Sunday, February 7, 2016

Teen Program Ideas: Teen Tech Week

Teen Tech Week is fast approaching, so I thought I'd throw out a few ideas - all from pinterest
Be sure also to check out the official page

If your kids love exploring science and technology I bet they would love to explore robotics.  These are all robots that kids can make!:
Robot Building
Make this awesome color changing slime that changes color with temperature! Thermochromic slime makes STEM learning fun.:
Heat Activated Slime
100 pennies in a cup...see who can make a bridge to support it using the smallest amount of legos. Great for after the state tests or during the last week of school!:
Lego Bridge Challenge 
For the Community (for the kid's room inside the library or a place in the community). Have teens create a road way for kids to play with cars.

Turn STEM into STEAM. How to incorporate art with science, technology, engineering and math and WHY it is essential to your child's learning!:

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