Friday, February 5, 2016

About Me: Dogs

One of my resolutions this year (and to be honest almost every year) is to talk more about myself on the blog. Me in a nutshell: I'm a Librarian. I'm a blogger. I'm a reader. Here's a little bit about me outside the bookish world.

When I was a kid, I desperately wanted a dog. I used to ask for one all the time. Instead, I got dog stuffed animals, which I loved, but it wasn't the real deal. Finally when I was heading into middle school, my parents gave in. We got a Shetland Sheep dog (just like a family friend's dog Jack who used to shake paws). I helped pick her out. She crawled into my lap and it was love at first sight.

Isn't she the cutest?

She would wake me up in the morning by racing up the stairs and jumping on the side of my bed, barking until I reached my hand down to put her. 

I taught her tricks. She loved playing ball. She loved food. She would wait at the edge of the driveway for me to come home from school. She always knew when I was coming - unless I was at practice. 

She hated the word college. Her tail would droop and she would get cranky. 

 She was the perfect dog. 

She died after I was gone from the house. My parents got a new dog (same breed) Ivy. Here she is in a fun Christmas photo. 

Merry Christmas:
Isn't she adorable?

She's cute, but I didn't spend too much time with her as a puppy and then I got a dog. She wasn't thrilled about sharing the house with another dog. Ivy isn't one for cuddling too much, but she does love food and she loves to play.

And then there's my playful dog who isn't a puppy any more, but acts like one (especially on days like today when it snows)

He's a good sport about taking funny pictures. He loved going for long walks - his nose leads him everywhere. He loves sleeping and snuggling (even when we read)

He loves smelling books. He's super curious and he knows a fair amount of tricks. He loves having his belly rubbed. He has the most expressive eyes.

He can be a bit of a handful. He gets super excited around new people - jumps all over them. He's also a bed hog. 

But I love him dearly.
Having a dog is the best thing in the world. They're always happy to see you. Hugging my crazy dog makes me feel better, especially when I'm sad. I'm not sure I could ever not have a dog. I often think about getting another one, but I'm not sure my puppy wants to share the house. 

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