Thursday, February 18, 2016

BBAW: Staying Connected to the Community


Since joining twitter and reading tweets, my blog reading has significantly changed. I no longer go to certain blogs every day. There are times when I realize I haven't hit up my favorite blogs in a while and I go check them out and leave a few comments, but that is no longer how I read the majority of blogs.

With twitter, it's so easy to read my feed and click on the links that sound interesting. Sometimes that's a review or a book list or an interview. But other times it's the start of a discussion.

Comments have also changed. There are times when I'm more likely to comment on twitter or on facebook than on the blog directly.

Twitter moves quickly, but I feel connected to more people because they talk about blogs and reading, but they also talk about their personal lives. I like getting that blend of both worlds.  I love that if you're having a bad day, you can post something about it and get immediate responses of people cheering you up and the same goes for if something great happens to you. 

Plus I like how Twitter allows for the connection between authors and readers. I like telling authors that I love their books or their covers. I love the idea of chatting with authors and being able to respond normally without sounding like a total fan girl. 

Are we friends on Twitter? We should be! I'm @yabooknerd. 

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