Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Author Visit with Chris Grabenstein

Last night I was at RJ Julia's to see Chris Grabenstein. He was really funny and engaging - there was lots of laughter  from the audience. It was great to see so many kids attending the author event - two introduced him.
Reading from Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics
Answering Questions
We found out a few details:
 * A third book is in the works
* The options have been sold
* He has four brothers
* He used his imaginative play with his brothers in The Island of Dr. Libris 
* He enjoyed improv (just like Jamie in I Funny)
* He worked in adverting writing commercials (with James Patterson)
* He wanted to make research and learning fun - more like a game
* He's a reluctant reader himself
* The idea for the sequel came from a 5th grade during an author skype session

Getting books signed (one for me and one for my library)

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