Tuesday, June 9, 2015

BEA Recap: Book Bags

Getting Bags at BEA is always fun - there are SO many great ones each year.
Plus they're great conversation starters in line. People ask and rave about bags.
This year I didn't collect too many, but here are a few I did snag

So many interesting books on this one. 
I feel smarter carrying this one.

The cutest bag!

Very light, perfect for taking books to the beach

The best BEA bag - lots of pockets for all my things
Plus, it didn't weight down my shoulders.

Sure cute kids bag! Both sides are adorable


Jessica said...

All of the bags you got are awesome! The tote with the heart is darling! :)

Anonymous said...

I have accumulated a lot of bags over the years from attending book conventions, which is okay by me. I have a thing for bookish swag. Nice bag haul. :)

Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

I see everyone with that I <3 Books bag, even online after BEA. It makes me sad I never saw it! What I love about SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY is that I keep it rolled up in my purse super small. It has no weight and is always with me for JUST IN CASE. That Harlequin bag is my favorite bag too!!! A place for a pen, for business cards, for a water bottle, for my always-getting-lost schedule. It's strong and didn't get cumbersome. I AM OBSESSED!!! I was so upset that the Capstone bag wasn't the fairy tale one from last year because I missed out. I went there Wed. morning when everyone else ran to TRUTHWITCH. And you know what?? This year's bag broke when I got on the shuttle, then fully snapped apart getting off the shuttle!!!! Mine wasn't made well at all!!! My other favorite tote from this year is the adorable fabric POUT POUT FISH bag from Macmillan!