Wednesday, June 10, 2015

BEA Recap: The Books!

Cooking Class: A fun looking cookbook for kids - great pictures and lots of fun ideas
UnSlut: Important book for teens; part diary part memoir
Come Rain or Come Shine: My Grandmother used to love her books. I couldn't pass this up even though my Grandmother is no longer with us.
Truth According to Us: from one of the co-authors of the Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society

Legacy of Kings: Super fun looking teen fantasy novel from the historical time of Alexander the Great 
Royal Wedding: Perfect read of more Mia and Michael
Rogue Wave: Love this mermaid series - action, friendship, and romance
Infinite in Between: I'm excited to read this one about five teens and their entire high school experience.
Soundless: A new Richelle Mead based on Chinese Folklore. Looking forward to this one.

Queen's Hat: A great picture book that showcases London

Some thrillers and historical books that I picked up:
War of Two
President's Shadow: Book 3 in the Beecher White series 
Most Dangers: Vietnam book from the author of Bomb!

Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party: Fun read about a Princess with fighting powers
Newt's Emerald: Super looking forward to this Regency read with magic
Sunny Side Up: A fun graphic novel about a girl spending the summer with her grandfather
Blackthorn Key: A boy attempts to decipher the clues his master left behind that might solve the murders happening. Really fun read.
Upside Magic: What happens when you're magic isn't like everyone else's magic? Really really cute read.

Walk on Earth a Stranger: New trilogy about magic and Gold Rush
Play On: Baseball, Chemistry, Love, and Secrets = sounds really good.
My Secret to Tell: Another thriller from Natalie Richards.
Zeroes: the new Scott Westerfeld
Black Widow: Forever Red. Super excited to learn more about Black Widow
Daughter of Deep Silence: Smart revenge thriller that sounds awesome

A History of Glitter and Blood: Fairies and war and unlikely friendships
Letter to the King: Randomly picked this one up
Clayton Stone at Your Service: Secret agents
White Hots Kiss: from the Harlequin Teen Breakfast
Golden Match: book 2 that looks super cute.
Mariella Mystery: Picked up for a library friend

League of Unexceptional Children: Real kids getting stuff done
Simon Thorn: new MG from Aimee Carter about a boy who discovers a race of animal shape shifters
Voyagers: 39 Clues type book set in space
City of Thirst: Sequel to Map of Everywhere
Girl Who Could Not Dream: MG from Sarah Beth Durst about a dream shop
Foxcraft: Random pick up.

Heartbreakers: A musician and a girl meet and their lives change
Never Always Sometimes: From the Harlequin Teen breakfast
Hello?: From my awesome friend Liza
Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between: awesome book - loved it (review coming soon)
Truly Madly Famously: book 2 in a series about an actor in a blockbuster movie based on a book

Some presents for people at work plus:
Hold Me:  the newest book in the Fool's Gold series
If You Only Knew: the new Kristan Higgins book
Redemption Bay: Book 2 in a series that starts with a Christmas novel


Anonymous said...

The books! Now we're talking. I have a few of these for review, but am green for several that I don't. Enjoy!

Jill the OWL said...

You got sooooooo many great books! I can't even pick the one I'm most jealous of :)

Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

I wanted to do ROGUE WAVE and probably could have done it and still come back for PASSENGER. Oh well! I also snagged LEGACY OF KINGS and ROYAL WEDDING and SOUNDLESS, whoo-hoo! The one thing I don't like about INFINITE IN BETWEEN is that it looks too "John Green!" For kid's books, I picked up Hale, Nix, and Sands...I didn't realize the Nix book was MG and not YA, thanks for letting me know! And eep, WALK ON EARtH A STRANGER. I need to talk with someone about that when you're done! I also snagged DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE and want to check out ZEROES! Ooh, Aimee Carter is writing MG now? INTERESTING! I'm so excited about Sarah Beth Durst's new MG!!! And yay, TRULY MADLY DEEPLY! It will be my second BEA read because I already started it at BEA, oops?

So glad we have such similar tastes! :)