Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review: Sophomore Year is Greek to Me

Zona and her father are close - each relying on each other. But Zona's dad changes the rules when he decides to go to Greece to write a book.

Zona has NO desire to leave school or her friends or the paper for six months. She has even less desire to meet the family who cut off contact with her mother.

After several conversation, it's clear that her dad isn't budging.  Resigned, Zona packs up and leaves New York behind for Greece - and maybe a a chance to uncover her heritage.
My Thoughts: I now want to go to Greece to explore and soak up the culture!

Some my favorite moments:
The bathroom scene with the ducks
Zona meeting her Greek family for the first time
Exploring Greece and taking chances
Her relationship with her father
The newspaper notes written between father and daughter
Her BFFs from New York (I wouldn't mind a book about either of them)
I like how she handled her concern about her friend's anorexia - she didn't sweep it under the rug and she didn't take the easy way out. It took guts. 
Experiencing new things (even if they're scary)
I love how Zona uncovered the meaning of family 

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: Set for review

Final Thoughts: I hope there's a junior and senior book planned because Meredith Zeitlin rocks. Sophomore Year is Greek to Me is the perfect summer book with exploring a new country, testing your ideals, and trying new things. Zona's ambitious, smart, and someone I'd like to meet.

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Lola said...

This sounds cute! I'm glad you enjoyed it!