Friday, June 5, 2015

BEA Recap: 2015

I went to BEA this year with a library BFF. We took the train in SUPER early to be there on time. 
It was worth it of course. 

I started with the Harlequin Teen breakfast with this fantastic authors pictured above. Both authors and Harlequin people stopped by each table and chatted for a few minutes. We learned about several upcoming books (including a horror book crossed with the Little House series).  I'm super excited for Legacy of Kings but the others look fantastic too!

Sightings from the day include:
Raj from the Big Bang Theory

The actor from the Social Network (who played Zuckerberg) 

The adult Harlequin authors hard at work signing for the masses. 
That's Susan Mallery in the middle, of Fool's Gold fame. Love this series.

A fun book, similar to one from my childhood.

We headed for the hotel. Here's our sunset view. 

We ate dinner at a diner in the hotel - with this cute tea lights. 
I had hot chocolate French toast.

After a short rest, we ventured out into the city again.

Our Drinks:

Our Bedtime view

Day 2:
We got early for tickets. The shuttles from the hotel to the conference center were amazingly great and very helpful. It was another day of chatting with people in lines.

 There were some amazing books on Friday - and lots of amazing authors. I seriously wanted to clone myself because there was no way to see them all. 

The ones I didn't take home with me, I will stalk my public library for them. Also I was happy to learn about some new books.

Cool sign at the Sourcebooks booth

I was first in line for Brad Meltzer. 
This NEVER happens. And it was pretty cool. I saw him last year too, which is great.

Finally after a fantastic meeting with Meg Cabot, we left for the day.
The train ride back was uneventful until we finally stopped for diner.

Where I had this delicious meal. 

All in all, a fantastic two days. 

Other posts for BEA 15 will include, Books, Bags, and Author Moments. So be sure to check those out. 

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Lisa Mandina said...

So jealous that you saw Raj! The Big Bang Theory is like my favorite show, in fact I'm watching reruns right now as I type this! Hope you had a great time. Hoping I can make it to BEA again in the next year or two.